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Tomahawk Creek Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


Art 6 Exploratory

This is a 9 week course that is a great introduction to middle school art. Students will learn about some of the elements and principals of art while seeing that art history can be interesting and tied to most art projects! They will create art that has to do with combining the elements of line, shape, color, space and the principal of pattern.

Art 7 Semester

This is a rigorous semester-long class that entails learning a lot of artistic technique and incorporating that into our art work. Students will learn all of the elements and principals of art and design. They will learn how to draw and shade with pencil, how to paint with acrylics as well as mix colors and blend for light and shadow. If we have time in this semester, students will also learn how to blend and shade using colored pencils. They will create projects that incorporate the elements and principals as well as the new techniques we learn and art history.

Art 8 Semester

This semester class is a place where we explore the self portrait and how it can be interpreted into many different types of artistic styles and media. Students will also create work that has significant meaning to themselves. We will use the techniques and vocabulary learned in 6th and 7th grade to continue to expand our techniques and learn more such as sculpture and charcoal. Students will learn how to talk about art (critiques) how to present art (presentations) and how to discuss art in an educated way. They will really create artwork that has meaning both to them and society.

Art 8 Advanced

This is a year-long class where students will be chosen through a portfolio application process. These students will go through the process that a professional mural artist goes through from concept to design to execution to opening reception. The murals are painted by groups of students throughout the school during their class.

TCMS Murals – Check out this video of the AMAZING art around TCMS!