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Tomahawk Creek Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


The Tomahawk Creek Band is set up in three levels: Advanced Band (eighth-grade), Intermediate Band (seventh-grade), and Beginning Band (sixth-grade). As you can imagine, the upper level Bands perform more frequently. The Beginning Band is open to everyone and there is no experience needed. It takes a lot of work to learn to play an instrument in Band. However, we try to have as much fun as possible while doing that work. We enjoy the following statement so much that we put it on a T-shirt.

Talk Less.
Play More.
Tomahawk Creek Band

Beginning Band

Sixth-grade is the time to get involved with Band. There is no limit to this group – everyone is welcome! At the start of the year, students learn about reading music and all of the instruments that we have in Band. They will then try the instruments that are most interesting to them. The average student tries three different instruments before finding the one that is best for them and the entire Band. Once on an instrument, it is very important to practice both at home and in class! Private lessons are strongly encouraged, but not required. This group has two performances: a Winter Concert and a Spring Concert. There will be more performance opportunities as they continue in Band. Here is the ideal instrumentation for a Beginning Band of 40.

6 Flutes
9 Clarinets
2 Alto Saxophones
1 Tenor Saxophone
8 Trumpets
8 Trombones
2 Euphoniums
2 Tubas (Got to have low sounds!)
2 Percussion

Intermediate Band

This ensemble is for second year Band students. We continue the awesome efforts that were started in Beginning Band. Practice at home will still be very important. This group will have a few more performances: PreFestival Concert, Festival/Assessment, and a performance in Williamsburg. They are also eligible to audition for the All District Band! The students are told that “the sky is the limit.” They are free to accelerate and make themselves as awesome as possible. Private lessons are strongly encouraged, but not required.

Advanced Band

This is designed to be the most outstanding Band in the school. It is made up of eighth-graders who have at least two years of experience. Private lessons are strongly encouraged, but not required. They are challenged to play more difficult music and strongly encouraged to continue into High School Band. Of all the middle school Bands, the Advanced Band performs the most. In addition to all of the performances the groups above do: this group plays with a Marching Band in September, performs at a Veterans Assembly in November, and performs at a Pyramid Concert at Cosby High School.