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Tomahawk Creek Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


Sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade Speech and Drama provide students with opportunities to explore movement on stage, practice public speaking, create original scenes, and interpret scripted material. While there will be major projects to assess each of the aforementioned areas, students will also engage in storytelling, theatre games, improv and extemporaneous speaking games to develop both their skills and confidence along the way.

At all levels, PARTICIPATION is very important. The class is designed to help students get used to being in front of a group. The more opportunities a student takes to participate, the stronger their skills and their confidence will be. The majority of the activities are collaborative, so being able to interact positively with other students is essential. Because feeling safe and comfortable speaking and performing in front of others requires a good audience, we also work to recognize the integral role an audience plays, and students are accountable for their audience etiquette.

Sixth-grade is a quarterly overview that is part of the Exploratory Wheel. Seventh-grade drama is a semester course which delves more into theatrical skills and scene development. Eighth-grade is offered as both a semester and year long course, and it provides opportunities for directing and incorporating technical theatre elements. Both seventh and eighth-grade classes present to classes outside their own, and Advanced Drama, the eighth-grade year-long course, provides enough time for students to rehearse and stage a one act play with full technical elements and an evening performance.