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Tomahawk Creek Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Health & Physical Education

The TCMS Health and Physical Education program consists of a variety of activities, projects, and assignments that are ongoing throughout the year, which include the following topics: Cooperative and Social Skills, Team Building Skills, Conflict Resolution, Life Skills, Communication Skills, Physical/Mental/Emotional Wellness, Nutrition, Basic Healthy Habits, Stress Management, Smoking/Drug Education, Safety, Physical Fitness Components and Assessment, Individual Sports skills and games, Team sports and games, Lead-up games, Critical Thinking Skills and Problem Solving, Anatomy and Kinesiology, Goal Setting, and Current Health Issues.

The TCMS PE curriculum incorporates developmentally appropriate activities that lead students from simple to complex skill development based on national and state standards. Students will learn to measure their own performance, develop plans for improvement, and participate in a variety of activities that provide them with enjoyment, challenge and encouragement to be physically active for a lifetime. The TCMS Fitness Room allows students to learn how to properly use various pieces of fitness equipment and weight machines, and also familiarize themselves with how to perform a workout in a regular gym-setting.

Physical Fitness is assessed throughout the school year based on the county-wide adopted program called Fitnessgram. This program assesses and measures the three major components of physical fitness: Aerobic Capacity, Body Composition, and Muscular Strength, Endurance, and Flexibility.

TCMS Fit for Life (eighth-grade only)

Fit for Life is an elective class that allows students the opportunity to set long-term and short-term fitness goals and achieve them. This course is designed to help students establish healthy lifestyle habits during the semester/year that as well as the intrinsic motivation to continue those healthy habits for the rest of their lives. Fit for Life provides students with the knowledge to enable the students to maintain their general level of fitness through safe exercise practices and positive nutritional choices. Students enrolled in fit for life will participate in a daily workout routine in order to improve their cardiovascular health and endurance and muscular strength. They will frequently use the resources of the TCMS fitness room, and also have the chance to play in several sports and activities that can be played over the course of a lifetime. In addition, there will be one or two field trips planned throughout the year to give students an opportunity to participate in activities not possible on school grounds.