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Tomahawk Creek Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

World Languages

The World Languages department at Tomahawk Creek prepares students with skills and perspectives necessary to be global citizens through language instruction in Spanish or French. Students gain a solid foundation in what it takes to learn a foreign language by developing their reading, listening, writing, and speaking abilities. Students are also exposed to foreign cultures, customs, and traditions, helping them to connect with new communities both in Virginia and across the world. All World Languages courses at Tomahawk Creek are for high-school credit, preparing students for future academic success with high-school level requirements.

Many students at Tomahawk Creek take advantage of our two-year Level 1 classes. High-school Spanish 1 and high-school French 1 are slowed down and taught in two years at the 1A and 1B levels. This option offers students a richer learning experience developed specifically for the middle-school aged student, with more opportunities for engaging projects, cultural lessons, and creative language production. At the end of two years of language instruction, students receive high-school credit for their first year of foreign language, and have developed a much deeper foundation in Spanish or French.

The World Languages department also offers many opportunities for language learning outside of the classroom, including in-school field trips, the World Language club, participation in the county-wide Feria and Congrés festivals, and more. We also emphasize technology in and outside of the classroom, as the Internet allows easy access to authentic language resources and learning experiences. All of these opportunities help us to make the language “real” for our students, keeping them engaged throughout the course of the year, and providing them opportunities to develop skills needed for 21st-century success.