Teacher of the Year

Portrait of TOY

Congratulations Ms. Longworth, 2022 Teacher of the Year

For more than 20 years, Tracy Longworth has poured her heart and soul into Thomas Dale students, faculty and staff and school community. This year, she elevated her impact even more. Her love of students, commitment to hard work, growth mindset, reflective disposition and desire to dream big set an example for all. During the pandemic, Tracy took her leadership role as department chair and  key instructional leader to the next level. She helped establish a vision and work plan to prepare for many instructional scenarios. She led the charge to develop curriculum for the most important thing we do at Thomas Dale — Seminar — and format it for a virtual setting. Tracy is one of the best teachers I have ever had the privilege to serve and observe. Her innovative approach that is heavily rooted in building relationships is second to none.