Technology and Research Department quick facts:

The technology and research department is responsible for:
  • division research and evaluations
  • database services
  • networking (IT)
  • instructional technology
  • school technology services (support and equipment)
  • technology procurement (purchasing)
  • We service and support approximately 30,000 computers and mobile devices

Technology Information

  • Chief Technology Officer: Dr. Timothy Tillman
  • Administrative Assistant, Sr: Tia Dew
  • Director of Technology Services: Erin Ford
  • Director of Information Security: Lourdes Lunsford
  • Database Services Coordinator: Kelly Applegate
  • Network Coordinator: Achim Purdy
  • School Technology Service Coordinator: Christopher Nelson
  • Technology Helpdesk: Ann Marie Gupta / [email protected]

Technology Plan 2015 – 2018

Technology Plan 2015-2018
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