Additional Pick Up/ Drop Off Locations

Will your student need transportation to or from an in-school zone address other than your primary residence, like a daycare, alternating custodial parents home or relative’s home?

Does your student arrive to or leave from school by means other than a bus?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, please review the information below.

Designating alternate addresses

Parents/guardians can designate additional in-school addresses and days of the week they want students to be taken to a place other than the primary home address.  This will:

  • take the responsibility off schools to track alternative addresses where students will be sent, 
  • allow parents to utilize the MyStop app when their student is being transported to a designated alternate address, and 
  • give parents/guardians routing information to and from all designated addresses.

Families can update alternate addresses and pick up/ drop off days using ParentVue.  However, changes to bus routes will take up to five days to process. 

It is important to note that the CCPS Transportation Department receives all of the data used for routing, e-Link, and MyStop from the information collected and updated by the student’s school of attendance as well as information parents provide through ParentVue.  The information below will help you understand how to correctly update your information to help ensure your student is routed correctly.

Home Address and Bus Stop

A student’s home address is entered and updated by the school of attendance and may only be changed by the school’s registrar.  Barring alternate address information, a student’s bus stop is based solely on the primary home address.


Parents or guardians with Educational Rights can also make changes to transportation information by logging into ParentVue, clicking on “My Account”, clicking on the desired student, then clicking on “Student Info”. (see your school’s registrar if you need assistance with accessing your account).  

The screen will then display the selected student’s current information on file in the Synergy SIS system (for the mobile app, tap on Additional Information to see the student’s remaining information). The Transportation and Alternative Transportation sections are located at the bottom of the Student Info screen (for the mobile app, they are located at the bottom of the “Additional Information” screen).

Transport Type: Alternate Pick Up/ Drop Off 

The “transport type” helps the Transportation Department plan how many students should be riding a bus on any given day.  “Bus” is the default setting for all students.

If the majority of the time a student has a different way of getting to school or going home, one of the other transport types should be selected; however, the student will still be allowed to ride the bus when the need arises.  Please select the “transport type” that best describes your situation when your student attends school in person.

  • Bus= my student will ride a CCPS bus the majority of the time.  This is the default setting.
  • Car= my student will drive herself/himself to school the majority of the time
  • Day Care Van= my student is picked up and/or dropped off by a private daycare van the majority of the time.
  • Parent= my student will be driven to and/or from school by a parent, guardian, and/or designated individual the majority of the time.
  • Private Placement= my student attends a private placement school.
  • Walk= my student will walk and/or ride a bicycle to school the majority of the time.  The school should be informed as prescribed by the school’s rules related to walking and/ riding a bicycle.

Alternate Addresses and Bus Stops

Alternative addresses are places students stay before or after school on a regular basis.  Day cares, private home daycares, alternating custodial parent’s address, and relative’s homes within the school’s attendance zone are examples.  When an alternative address is entered by the student’s school or by the parent/guardian through ParentVue, a bus stop is established for the student on the days and times requested.  Alternative addresses may be selected for morning pick up and/or afternoon drop off. 

When entering an alternative address, it will only be accepted when entered correctly.  Follow these rules when updating ParentVue to avoid delays: 

  • Enter a physical street address (similar to what would be entered into a GPS or cell phone navigation app).
  • Do not enter the apartment number.
  • Do not enter a P.O. Box.
  • Do not enter the name of the organization (for example, do not enter “ABC Day Care” as an address).
  • Spell all words correctly.
  • For best results, use the CCPS “Find My School” website: Click LINK HERE
    • Enter a House No.   
    • If valid, all Street Names with the specified House No. will appear in the Dropdown list.
    • Select a Street Name from the Dropdown list to view the zone Elementary, Middle and High School for the Address.
    • If your student’s school is listed, use the same address in ParentVue
    • If your student’s school is not shown, then the address is out of zone and cannot be used as an alternative address.

Pick Up/ Drop Off Days For Alternate Addresses

Students will be routed to alternative addresses on all the days checked for morning pick up and afternoon drop off. On the days that are not checked, students will be picked up and dropped off at the home address.

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