Update student transportation info for the 2022-23 school year

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We have begun planning transportation routes for the 2022-23 school year. While it may seem early to be planning for the coming year, transportation planning is an ongoing process.

All families are asked to update their student transportation information for the coming year if possible before the current school ends, even if your student will attend school virtually during the 2022-23 school year.

Please log into ParentVUE and check your home address and any alternative addresses, if applicable. Please note that a student’s bus stop is based solely on the home address unless an alternative in-school-zone address is provided. If this information is expected to change between now and the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, you may wait until the change occurs to enter the information. 

Remember that updates made in ParentVUE for the remainder of this school year will apply to the 2022-23 school year. If you need to make a transportation change for the current school year, contact your school registrar.

How to update information in ParentVUE

Student addresses and information

There are two ways to update a student’s home address and bus stop.

  • School registrar: A student’s home address can only be entered by the registrar at the student’s school. 
  • ParentVUE: Parents or guardians with educational rights can make changes to transportation information by logging into ParentVUE, clicking on the student’s name, then clicking on “student info.” Contact your student’s school if you need help accessing your ParentVUE account.

Pickup/drop-off days for alternative addresses 

Alternative addresses are places students stay before or after school on a regular basis. Alternating custodial parent addresses and a relative’s home within the school’s attendance zone are examples. Parents and guardians can use ParentVUE to update alternative addresses and pickup/drop-off days as often as needed. 

Students will be routed to alternative addresses on all days selected for morning pickup and afternoon drop-off. On the days that are not selected, students will be picked up and dropped off at their home address. If the requested days vary, please contact your school’s registrar and ask that the information be added to the alternative address comments. For example, “every other day” or “every other week” requests do not fall regularly on specific days of the week and would need to be noted by the school’s registrar.

Students are only allowed to ride on assigned buses to designated stops that have been verified and approved. Parents and guardians can designate additional alternate in-school-zone addresses and the days of the week they want students delivered there. This process is in place to: 

  • Increase student safety
  • Allow parents to use the MyStop app when their student is being transported to a designated alternative address 
  • Give parents routing information to and from all designated addresses

When an alternative address is entered by the student’s school or by the parent or guardian through ParentVUE, a bus stop is established for the student on the days and times requested. Alternative addresses may be selected for morning pickup or afternoon drop-off or both. 

Alternative addresses will only be accepted if they are entered correctly. Follow these rules when updating ParentVUE: 

  • Enter a physical street address. 
  • Do not enter an apartment number or P.O. Box.
  • Do not enter the name of an organization (for example, do not enter “ABC Day Care” as an address).
  • Spell all words correctly.
  • For best results, use Find My School.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    • Enter a house number.
    • If valid, all street names with the specified house number will appear in the drop-down list.
    • Select a street name from the drop-down list to view the elementary, middle and high school connected to that address.
    • If your student’s school is listed, use the address in ParentVUE.​​​​​​​
    • If your student’s school is not shown, then the address is out of zone and cannot be used as an alternative address. (Exception: Students entitled to transportation who attend a program at an out-of-zone school may select alternative addresses within the school of attendance or school of residence.)

​​​How to use ParentVUE: Instructions and definitions

Find transportation information. When logging into ParentVUE, the screen will display the student’s current information in the official student database. If using the ParentVUE mobile app, tap “additional information” to see the student’s full details. Transportation and alternative transportation sections are at the bottom of the student info screen. In the mobile app, they are located at the bottom of the additional information screen. To make changes to the information, click the “edit information” button.

Note: If information added is shown as pending, that means it has not yet been verified and approved by the school’s registrar. Bus routes cannot be changed until information has been verified and approved.

Transport type helps the Transportation Department plan how many students to expect on a bus each day. Select the “transport type” that best describes your situation when your student attends school in person. “Bus” is the default setting for all students. If a student has a different way of getting to school or going home most of the time, then please select that type of transportation in the drop-down menu. Note: The student will still be allowed to ride the bus when needed as long as a stop already exists and a note is sent to the school asking for transportation on a specific day. 

Bus — Student will ride a Chesterfield County Public Schools bus most of the time. 

Car — Student will drive to school most of the time

Day Care Van — Student will be picked up/dropped off by a private day care van most of the time.

Parent — Student will be driven to/from school by a parent, guardian or designated individual most of the time.

Walk — Student will walk or bike to school most of the time. (The school should be informed and school rules about walking and biking should be followed.)

If you have questions, please call the Transportation Department at 804-748-1656.

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