Wednesday Spotlight: Chesterfield County Public Schools presents inaugural Hall of Fame class

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Marian Wright Edelman once said, “Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.” During the course of 150-plus years, Chesterfield County Public Schools has been served by outstanding people who have devoted their career to just that — improving the lives of children in their community.

Whether it’s teachers, administrators, support staff or community volunteers, our nationally recognized school division has been supported by individuals who have given their time and talents to impact our students’ education in a meaningful way. The Chesterfield County Public Schools Hall of Fame, presented by the Chesterfield Education Foundation and sponsored this year by TowneBank, is a way to recognize and honor memorable educators and community members who have dedicated their time and effort to support students.

These individuals have impacted our students’ education in a meaningful way and have made a significant difference in our schools, our school division and community. Chesterfield County Public Schools proudly presents these outstanding individuals as the inaugural Hall of Fame class for their superior contributions to the education of Chesterfield County students:


Mr. Jamie Accashian Throughout his career, Mr. Accashian was an innovative teacher, coach and administrator known for motivating at-risk students and helping them believe in themselves. As an administrator at Meadowbrook High, he helped create the Phoenix program to combat a higher than desired student dropout rate. From there, he became involved with Communities In Schools of Chesterfield and helped establish the Burger King Academy, an alternative program that helped at-risk students graduate. Burger King Academy went on to become Community High, where Mr. Accashian served as principal, continuing to champion the needs associated with alternative education.
Dr. Jane Baskerville During her 30-plus years in education, Dr. Baskerville served as a world language instructor, a foreign language department chair, an instructional specialist for foreign languages and later the specialist for English as a Second Language (ESL).  After retirement, Dr. Baskerville earned her Ph. D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and went on to become a consultant in the Office of School Improvement at the Virginia Department of Education.
Dr. Billy Cannaday From 2000-06, Dr. Cannaday served Chesterfield County Public Schools as Superintendent. When he began his leadership journey in Chesterfield, fewer than half of the division’s schools were fully accredited. When he left to become State Superintendent of Public Instruction, all Chesterfield County schools were fully accredited. Under his guidance, he led Chesterfield County Public Schools through a period of large growth as enrollment increased by nearly 6,500 students.
Mr. Greg Cummings As one of the founders of MEGA Mentors, Mr. Cummings has provided leadership and inspiration to others resulting in thousands of Chesterfield students meeting with success. This volunteer organization is comprised of more than 150 individuals who support 550 students in ten Chesterfield County schools. Mr. Cummings’ leadership remains steady as the organization is working to reach an ambitious goal in serving all Chesterfield County schools. Mr. Cummings also continues to be involved with the Chesterfield Education Foundation.
Mr. Ralph Floyd After retiring from military service, Mr. Floyd served Chesterfield County as a school bus driver. Throughout his employment with the school division, he strongly believed in the mission of feeding the hungry and ending hunger in Chesterfield County, so he volunteered his time at the Chesterfield Food Bank (CFB).  Now retired, Mr. Floyd continues to serve as a volunteer helping to supply thousands of meals to children and their families who are food insecure during the summer months. Through his partnership, the Chesterfield Food Bank has expanded opportunities for Chesterfield County Public Schools’ families.
Ms. Betty Hornick Prior to her leadership role as an instructional specialist for school counseling, Ms.  Hornick served as a school counselor for more than two decades at a number of school sites. Not only did she help prepare thousands of Chesterfield County students for college or careers, but she also helped play a role in creating the school division’s initial crisis response plan, incorporating responsive support for students who might experience trauma. Even though Ms. Hornick is retired, she is still driven to work with suicide prevention efforts in order to support our young people.
Ms. Deloris Jackson Not only was Ms. Jackson a brilliant educator and positive role model, but she also influenced her Chesterfield students by building relationships with them that made a lasting impact. Beginning her career teaching under segregated conditions, she took great interest in her students throughout their academic careers and beyond, encouraging them to be both self-reliant and resilient. Now retired, Ms. Jackson is an avid teacher of black history and is a neighborhood and church historian. 
Ms. Sue Robertson A celebrated educator, Ms. Robertson served Chesterfield County Public Schools as a Latin teacher and department chair for more than 35 years retiring from Midlothian High School in 2010.  Ms. Robertson was selected Midlothian High School’s Teacher of the Year twice and was named Chesterfield County Public Schools’ Teacher of the Year in 1976. In addition to these recognitions, she was named the Chesterfield County Public Schools’ Foreign Language Teacher of the Year in 1978 and then received the Classical Association of Virginia’s Latin Teacher of the Year Award in 2010. Even in retirement, she continues to support students at Midlothian High and mentor other women as educators and leaders.
Mrs. Dianne Smith Throughout her 35 years in Chesterfield schools, Mrs. Smith served as a teacher, a principal and central office leader. During this time, she developed, implemented and evaluated comprehensive leadership and career development programs that benefited employees, while also mentoring hundreds of assistant principals, principals, directors and central office leaders. Upon retiring, Mrs. Smith went on to become the Clover Hill District School Board Member for eight years where her top priority was that each child in Chesterfield County schools received a high-quality education
Mrs. Louan Stanfield For more than 20 years, Mrs. Stanfield served Chesterfield County Public Schools as an elementary school teacher.  Her compassion, support and high expectations for her students laid the foundations for success in her classroom and beyond. Retiring from Ecoff Elementary School in 1997, she has continued serving and supporting  the families in her community in a variety of ways. From teaching an adult class on financial literacy to supporting Little Free Libraries along the Route I corridor, Mrs. Stanfield is a teacher at heart.  
Mr. Jack Winn  With a career spanning three decades, Mr. Winn’s impact went well beyond the classroom. In addition to helping students realize their musical potential by fostering their musical talent, he was also considered a mentor by many of his colleagues.  His work at the division level was the lever for lifting up the entire performing arts program in Chesterfield County. Now retired, he continues to work in music education as the founder and Executive Director of Dixie Classic Festivals. Mr. Winn is a respected leader in the national concert performance arena which includes well-known colleagues, composers, conductors and performers from around the country. 

Honorees will be inducted at the Chesterfield County Public Schools Hall of Fame Gala, presented by the Chesterfield Education Foundation and sponsored in part by TowneBank, scheduled for March 26 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Midlothian. Tickets are now available online at and through the Chesterfield Education Foundation offices at 804.639.8774.

Proceeds from this year’s Hall of Fame Gala will go to support Communities In Schools of Chesterfield and the Chesterfield Education Foundation.

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