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First Grade

First grade is a year of many firsts. The first time some lose their teeth, the first time they have their own desk and the first time for many they will begin to read and comprehend complex things on their own. First grade is a year of excitement and growth as we explore presidents, word families, weather, conceptual math and so much more.

Language Arts

First-grade language and literacy is balanced with writing, guided and shared reading, and word study. The students will be in an enriched environment with opportunities for differentiated learning experiences through phonics and phonemic awareness activities.


First-grade math focuses on a conceptual and applicable understanding of numbers. The students develop an appreciation for number sense, measurement, time, money and basic math facts through hands on experiences.


First-grade science is an exploration of the world around us. The students will investigate and discuss the weather, sound, matter, living organisms, and engineering to name a few. The students are involved in inquiry based lessons which are student directed. The students are learning to be cognitive of the world around them. (updated 8/18)

Social Studies

First-grade social studies introduces students to the lives and leaders in the history of Virginia and their contributions to the Commonwealth, as well as our government. The students will learn about citizenship, map skills, economics and the importance of diversity to our community.

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