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Six teachers wearing matching yellow t-shirts pose for a photo.

In Kindergarten we are teaching children about the school environment. Throughout the year they will learn how to grow as school citizens, socially, academically and emotionally. With the continuous support of our parents, our kindergartners flourish and become lifelong learners.

Language Arts

Our Language Arts program has a spiral approach. Letters, sounds, comprehension keys and writing traits are introduced throughout the year and reinforced on a regular basis. Literacy stations, reading groups, shared reading, working with words and writing are all aspects of our instructional day.


In Kindergarten, we use a “hands on” approach to math as we encourage students to learn the concepts of math and not just procedures.


In Science, we begin the year by introducing our students to the scientific process. They learn how to question, explore and discover. We study magnets, the five senses, seasons and the life cycles of plants and animals throughout the year. Hands on activities allow the children to put to use the scientific methods they are learning.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies curriculum provides students with a framework for laying the foundation for lifelong learning in history, geography, civics and economics. This framework meets the needs and interests of our children through meaningful, connected content.

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