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Fifth Grade
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  • Using a balanced literacy model
  • Utilize a variety of reading comprehension strategies to enhance understanding of a text
  • Read an assortment of fiction and nonfiction stories across all content areas


  • Demonstrate written expression through both traditional handwritten work and word processing
  • Use the writing process: plan, draft, revise, edit and final copy writings to entertain, describe and explain
  • Use writing prompts to prepare for the online Spring Writing SOL test

Comprehensive Math

  • Use problem solving strategies, logical reasoning skills and algebraic thinking skills to further develop number sense
  • Teach measurement, geometry, fractions, decimals, probability and data analysis
  • Strong focus on multistep problem solving skills

Accelerated Math

  • Teach some fifth grade standards as well as all sixth grade content
  • Understand number theory, geometry, measurement, statistics, probability, patterns, and functions
  • Introduction to algebraic symbolism to prepare students for pre-algebra


  • Using a hands-on curriculum to further  understanding of the scientific method
  • Focus on matter, geology, oceans, light, sound, cells and classification
  • Science SOL test will be given in the spring

Social Studies

  • Designed to be a hands-on participatory experience focusing on critical thinking while building geographic, communication and research skills
    Study five regions of the world.
  • Apply concepts of geography, civics, and economics to their everyday life.
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