First Grade

Word Study

  • Incorporate spelling, phonics, and vocabulary instruction through an interactive, hands-on learning approach
  • Compare and contrast features during systematic, sequenced instruction
  • Spell correctly on word study tests and transfer this knowledge to their daily writing


  • Literacy taught through a balanced literacy framework
  • Demonstrate comprehension of fiction and nonfiction text
  • Read with fluency, accuracy and expression.
  • Immersed in a print-rich environment to develop oral language, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension
  •  Learn to read and write proficiently


  • Write daily using the basic rules of writing (spaces between words, capital letters, and periods)
  • Share writing throughout the process and after completion
  • Distinguish draft writing from published writing


  • Focus on hands on activities to promote a sense of numbers
  • Understand the ideas of adding together and breaking apart numbers
  • Experience calendar math, problem solving, measuring, patterning, graphing, fractions, time, addition and subtraction


  • Focus on thinking like a scientist
  • Understand the basic relationship between the sun and earth and investigate and understand seasonal changes
  • Understand that our earth’s natural resources are limited and they must take care of them
  • Understand the different ways in which things move and the basic life needs of humans, plants, and animals

Social Studies

  • Learn about American leaders and their contributions to the United States
  • Construct simple maps and recognize basic map symbols
  • Study economic concepts of goods and services, buyers and sellers, and making economic choices
  • Develop a knowledge and understanding of American history, civic responsibilities, geography skills, and economic concepts contributes to success throughout life
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