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Second Grade

Word Study

  • Incorporate spelling, phonics, and vocabulary instruction through an interactive, hands-on learning approach
  • Compare and contrast features during systematic, sequenced instruction
  • Spell correctly on word study tests and transfer this knowledge to their daily writing


  • Taught through a balanced literacy framework
  • Immersed in a print-rich environment filled with fiction and nonfiction selections, which relate to all areas of the curriculum
  • Use a combination of strategies when reading
  • Age appropriate selections will help students develop fluency, accuracy and expression as they read
  • Develop comprehension and vocabulary


  • Write daily using basic grammar (capital letters, appropriate punctuation, subject/verb agreement)
  • Write stories, letters, and use writing to explain their thinking and/or show understanding of main ideas and concepts
  • Use reference materials to enhance their writing


  • Focus on building an intuitive sense of numbers
  • Develop multiple ways of thinking about and representing numbers, and understand simple operations
  • Experience problem solving, estimating, measuring, patterning, graphing and working with spatial sense


  • Focus on understanding the natural world
  • Use the scientific process steps to study living systems, matter, life cycles, weather patterns and the seasonal effect on plants and animals
  • Use measurement in both English and metric units

Social Studies

  • Learn about the responsibilities of good citizenship and how people from diverse backgrounds participate and contribute to their communities
  • Study lives of individuals from the past, map and globe skills, and basic economic concepts
  • Study the contributions of American Indians, ancient China, and ancient Egypt and apply concepts of geography, civics, and economics to their everyday life
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