Important Information

Summer:  Camp registration will be delayed due to the school closing.   It will open as soon as possible.   Exp Sat:  Registration for the April 18th Exploration Saturday will be delayed due to the school closing.  It will open as soon as possible.  Please check back.  SOL ACADEMY:  Due to the school closing, the SOL Academies scheduled for March 23 through the 26th snd March 30 through April 2nd are cancellef.  A new date will be scheduled. Plesse check with school counselors for updates.

How to register: Registration will be through student’s school counselor at their home school. A triplicate registration permission form will be completed by the counselor and a copy of this form will be forwarded to the Academy (white), one given to the student (pink), and one kept by the counselor (yellow) for the student to be registered.

Student Resources

Rebecca M. Fox, M. Ed., M. Teaching
Student Engagement Specialist
Chesterfield County Public Schools