Fourth Grade CBG

Welcome to Fourth Grade CBG!                                                

Fourth-grade center based gifted is an accelerated and challenging program. It supports fourth grade curriculum while facilitating the development of self-directed learners.

Language Arts/Literacy

Reading skills are developed through the use of novel studies.  Over the course of the year, each student will also be required to read 25 books on their reading level. Although we allow students to choose what they read, we do ask that they read and reflect on at least two books from each genre.  Through the use of individual and group projects, students will become independent and strategic thinkers.


Students plan, draft, revise, and edit narratives, descriptive writing, and personal and research essays.  Students develop writing skills in all subject areas.


In fourth grade accelerated mathematics, problem solving strategies, logical reasoning skills, and algebraic thinking skill continue to be developed and refined. Extensive work with computation with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions is included. Additionally, students explore topics in measurement, geometry, data-analysis and probability. All fourth grade and a portion of fifth grade Virginia Mathematics Standards of Learning are included in the course.


Continuing with the importance of investigating and observing, students will use information gathered through experimental results.In fourth grade CBG Science, we study many interesting topics. These topics include plants, ecosystems, life cycles of a cricket and anole, weather, electricity, magnetism, planets in the solar system and the Sun, Moon and Earth relationships. The children are continually using hands-on activities.

Social Studies

Moving from the study of ancient civilizations, the fourth grade students will study the state of Virginia beginning with the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown to the end of the Twentieth Century.

Students will explore how the geography and the state’s resources, its economic systems, and cultural makeup have influenced Virginia history. Through various projects, students will demonstrate what they have learned.