Fifth Grade CBG
Language Arts/Literacy

Students will be exposed to a variety of literature experiences during our novel studies in reading. They will develop their critical and analytical thinking skills with insightful personal writings and group discussions. Students are expected to read for 20 minutes each evening, and complete journal response assignments to demonstrate comprehension. Our word study program will focus on vocabulary development with an emphasis in the study of word roots from other languages such as Greek and Latin. In writing there will be an emphasis in grammar skills. Students will continue to develop narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive pieces using the writing process.


Fifth-grade students will be taking a sixth grade math SOL. assessment at the end of the year. In fourth grade students took a fourth-grade math SOL. assessment. The sixth-grade standards are a transition from the emphasis placed on whole number arithmetic in the elementary grades to foundations of algebra. The standards emphasize rational numbers. Students will use ratios to compare data sets; recognize decimals, fractions, and percents as ratios; solve single-step and multi-step problems, using rational numbers; and gain a foundation in the understanding of integers. Students will solve linear equations and use algebraic terminology. Students will solve problems involving area, perimeter, and surface area, work with π (pi), and focus on the relationships among the properties of quadrilaterals. In addition, students will focus on applications of probability and statistics.


Fifth grade science involves the use of Scientific Processing with every unit of study. This year students will study Matter and be introduced to the Periodic Table of Elements. They also will learn the difference between plant and animal cells, explore the ocean floor, learn about the zones of the ocean, and investigate the layers of the Earth and the rock cycle. We will also explore the physics of sound and light. Students will review fourth grade concepts and research scientists that have affected our units of study. Science is hands-on and requires self-direction. We strive to incorporate math and writing with our curriculum.

Social Studies

The fifth grade World Studies curriculum serves as a link between the study of the ancient cultures in third grade and future world history courses. Students are introduced to regions of the world that are increasingly important to our country. There is an emphasis on geography and history along with economic development, political systems, and current world issues from various countries. We help students develop an appreciation for other cultures and understand our connections to other countries around the world. Students will have opportunities to focus on critical thinking while developing communication and research skills. We are striving to develop learning opportunities for our students based on Chesterfield County’s “Design for Excellence” such as exploring technology resources and project based learning.