Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade! 

This is such a fun and educational year for the students. We have so many exciting and enriching activities planned this year! This is a year of tremendous growth for the children. They truly grow as learners during their time here in second grade.

Language Arts/Literacy

In second grade, we delve deeper into the strategies that good readers use. Using a rich variety of mentor texts for both reading and writing instruction, the students are shown not only what good readers and writers do, but how they can themselves utilize these strategies. This is combined with a differentiated approach to learning word patterns and applying these patterns to their written work.


Second grade is an important year for math concepts! We learn how to regroup with addition and subtraction. It is therefore very important for students to have a quick, accurate recall of their basic math facts. We focus on several strategies for learning these facts before regrouping is taught. In addition, we learn more about concepts such as fractions, geometry, time, money, and probability. Math games are used as a fun way to practice these concepts.


Science for second graders is lots of fun! We explore the magnificent world of magnets, where students gain valuable hands-on experience in the properties of magnets. Next, it’s on to weather. We will investigate the kinds of severe storms as well as the instruments used to measure weather. One of our most exciting units is on life cycles. We examine the life cycles of plants and animals, as well as their habitats.

Social Studies

Learning how to be a good citizen is very important in second grade. We have a large focus on the United States of America, including our national symbols.  Second graders also learn about several very famous Americans who were important to our country. Our Native American unit is one that students always enjoy! We will learn a brief history of transportation and communication and finish out our year with a study of economics.

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