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Teacher of the Year

Rebecca Poljac, affectionately known as “Techy Becky” by all members of our Wolfpack, is a powerful educator that seamlessly creates a learning environment that is student-centered, data-driven, and individualized.  Entering her digital world and observing her natural rapport with diverse learners validates that some people are just born to teach and coach.  Through her diligent work with our staff, Rebecca is able to engage each and every child in a journey of learning.  It is through her dedication and commitment to provide “cutting edge” instruction that Rebecca is able to support and guide each student’s learning and ultimately create self-motivated and self-directed learners.  Rebecca makes it her personal mission to ensure that each child in her care will reach, and many times exceed, their potential as members of her focused learning community. 

In her current position as our first Instructional Designer, Rebecca has spearheaded the implementation of many digital platforms, cross-curricular instruction with many types of technology, and professional development with a laserlike focus on taking technology into our classrooms.  She continuously seeks out and provides engaging lessons that embody a real-world application.  It is powerful to see the high level of student engagement that is present due to Rebecca’s influence!

Rebecca believes strongly in what current research proves is best for children, and has the drive and commitment necessary to influence her colleagues to create and sustain change.  She collaborates with school administrators and colleagues to implement the very best learning opportunities for all students within her reach.