Fifth Grade
Portrait of Stephanie Whitehead

Stephanie Whitehead

Portrait of Kara Fisch

Kara Fisch

Portrait of Meagan Stone

Meagan Stone

Portrait of Emily Hall

Emily Hall

At Weaver Elementary our fifth grade year is an exciting and challenging time.  At this stage our students will experience a more self-directed learning environment, will be involved in small group learning, as well as individual projects, and will develop stronger reasoning and problem solving skills in math. Our fifth graders take part in a motivational reading program known as the 20+ Book Challenge. This program encourages readers of differing abilities to choose books from various genre. They will also have an opportunity to take part in a Spring 20+ Book Challenge Competition.

All students are exposed to blended-learning experiences, children’s engineering opportunities and fine arts programs. Project-Based Learning is an exciting program in which the children work in teams toward a solution of a “driving question”. PBL allows the children to stretch their collaboration, cooperation, and problem-solving muscles. Weekly, all fifth graders are involved in a Community Meeting that fosters positive character traits, other mindedness, inclusivity, and passion projects.

Throughout their fifth grade year each student will develop increased maturity and strong organizational skills. Finally, with effective parent/teacher guidance each 5th grader should expect to have a successful year and be well prepared for middle school.

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