First Grade
Five female teachers pose for a photo.

In first grade, we split time between Science and Social Studies. Before tests in these subjects, the students will bring home a study guide to help them prepare at home.

Students in the first grade will learn about the lives of American leaders and their contributions to the United States. During our discussions about early Americans, we explore Henricus Park to see how they contributed to the success of America. The students will also construct simple maps and recognize basic map symbols. Students will study economic concepts and making economic choices. Students will learn about what makes a good citizen in the class room and in their community.

First grade Science includes several hands-on activities that are engaging for all students. Students will begin to conduct experiments and learn how to classify objects. The students will also be exposed to moving objects and natural resources. The students will learn about the relationship between the sun and Earth, the cycle of the four seasons, and plants and animals. During our lessons on plants, we will explore Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and learn LOTS about plants!

Be sure to check your child’s Weekly Work folder each week and look for our newsletter on for details on the most current information. We work very hard to insure that each first grader is successful and excited about learning!