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Book Fair

The book fair will be held in the fall. Be sure to come and visit during the Harvest Festival. 

The BWE Library…

The library is a busy and exciting place to be!  Books are being checked out all day by classes as well as individual students who have finished books and need new ones.  Student book reviews are shared through Flipgrid to encourage additional peers to read them and elevate student voice. Digital citizenship is a topic that is covered across each grade level. Students are also busy learning how to best use the internet by researching self-chosen topics and Project Based Learning (PBL) ideas.

The Wonder Area…

The Wonder Area continues to be a spot of exploration and learning.  You’ll find Lego building and challenges, Straws and Connectors, Roller Coaster Game, Think Fun’s Coding Games, Snap Circuits, Little Bits, and much, much more.  The Hour of Code was a huge success again this year as all students at Bettie Weaver participated.  One of our favorite experiences was having fifth graders work with kindergarten students to learn how to code using some of the beginning levels on  The Wonder Area is a great place to see learning come to life!

Author Experiences Over the Past Several Years…

Checkout Schedule:

All grade levels are scheduled to come to the library once a week for 45 minutes as part of the school resource schedule.  Students  may also visit the library during the day to exchange books during “Open Check Out.”

Library Book Return and Renewal:

Library books are usually due after one week. Students who have not finished reading a book are encouraged to renew it.

Late Book Policy:

We ask that students return books when they have finished them so that other peers may check them out.  If a book is left at home, students are still allowed to check out additional titles, but finished books should be returned the following day.  If you think a book is lost, it is okay to take several weeks to look for it rather than pay for it when it’s due.  At the point that we have checked the library for the missing book, the classroom, and home without success, a letter will be sent home with the student letting parents know of the cost for replacement.