Teacher of the Year
Picture of Shannon Magne

Congratulations Shannon Magne, 2023 Teacher of the Year

Shannon Magne is a National Board Certified Teacher and team player. She dedicates time and energy to each student and goes beyond curricular expectations, making sure each child is provided the opportunity to equitably participate in and out of the classroom. She maintains positive relationships and open communication with the families of her students. She consistently contributes fresh, innovative ideas toward planning engaging lessons and activities. Shannon also serves as an educational resource for a nonprofit while balancing her busy family life. She is funny and brings a wonderful spirit to Bettie Weaver Elementary.

Portrait of Shelley Smith

Congratulations Shelley Smith, 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year

Shelley Smith brings a wealth of experience, passion and dedication to her classroom. Ms. Smith shows her generous spirit daily, but this year she truly put it into action as she helped organize the school supply drive for Fox Elementary. She never hesitates to spend her free time at Weaver events. She engages her students in fun activities, sets high expectations and creates a positive way for them to reach their goals. She organizes exciting staff events to keep the Weaver culture strong. Not only does she care about her students, she deeply cares about her coworkers.

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