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Teacher of the Year
Portrait of Susan Rowe

Congratulations Ms. Rowe, 2022 Teacher of the Year

Susan Rowe is admired for her love of students and love of books. She finds innovative ways to engage students and help them develop a thirst for books. In the library, she recently held a book tasting with a Starbucks theme, which students loved! Throughout the pandemic, Susan hosted drive-by book checkouts on sunny days as well as cold rainy ones; her smile and enthusiasm never wavered. Her dedication is evident in all that she does, including a collaboration with the PTA on a jungle-themed book fair that put smiles on faces and books in hands. The author visits she organizes help our students begin to see themselves more authentically as writers. The Bettie Weaver Bluebirds are fortunate to have Susan Rowe in our nest!

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